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The Heart of SPPD

Posted on by Carly Debeikes

One of the unique qualities SPPD holds over any other school at USC is their hard-working and genuinely caring staff. Being my 4th and final year of studying Public Policy as an undergrad, I have been privileged enough to get to know some of the staff members on a regular basis. I did not realize until recently how much of an actual impact they have had on me.

This week I had to register for classes for the Spring semester, something I actually enjoy doing because schedules make me happy strangely enough. However, it dawned on me that this would be my last time I ever log onto myUSC, click web registration, rearrange the best possible schedule with fulfilling class requirements and professors I was dying to have while still managing to keep Fridays open and no class before 10 am. Being my last semester, this was tough because there were certain classes that I had to take in order to graduate and that is when it hit me…”am I ready to graduate?!” As I had this epiphanic moment, I realized I should probably check with Faye first to make sure I have obtained all the credits needed to walk in a cap and gown next May.

This is what brought me back to the same exact office I sat in 4 years ago as a nervously excited 18 year-old freshman. Faye Cameron’s office. Faye is the academic advisor for undergraduate students at SPPD. She is the mother to us all. Along with advising us on our schedules and which classes to take, she also helped me through countless questioning of life goals and career choices. She is truly one of SPPD’s best employees.

As I arrived at her office the other day for the first time in awhile, she greeted me warmly with a big hug and the inevitable phrase of “I can’t believe you are graduating already!” Faye reassured me that all is well and I have successfully scheduled myself accordingly so that I graduate on time in May. We were also able to catch up on life and reminisce on the past 4 years of my undergraduate studies. Faye is more than just an advisor to me and most other SPPD students. She is always readily available to help us with anything we may need or have been losing sleep over. She has made my experience at USC uniquely different through her genuine care and watchful eye over us. With that, I encourage all SPPD students to get to know the faculty on a regular basis because they are truly the heart of SPPD.

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