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The USC Price MHA experience can be overwhelming to a first year student because of the many opportunities and events available. This is, however, a good thing. The Price Career Office and Student Health Council work tirelessly to provide Price students many opportunities to network and acquire valuable career related knowledge. Take advantage of these! In October, the chance to be assigned a second year student as a mentor presented itself. I seized this opportunity, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As a first year MHA student, my mentor served as my guide to navigate through an intense and fast-paced program. He provided me with information on the curriculum that allowed me to choose the perfect schedule for my second semester. My mentor also provided invaluable information on internships and residencies. He was able to walk me through the residency selection process, explain in detail the differences between numerous healthcare organizations, and share his experiences in various specialties.

Outside of academics, my mentor was available via text message or e-mail to answer my questions or address my concerns. Despite his busy schedule, he went out of his way to help me because of the wonderful support he received from his mentor the previous year. My mentor helped refine my career goals into something more focused and concrete. I am better because of it.

The MHA mentor/mentee program was such a positive experience for me that I intend to become a mentor myself next year. I realize now that the generosity and spirit of Trojans who commit their time to help their fellow classmates is a fundamental building block of the larger, renowned USC Trojan Network. It begins in the classrooms, and it extends out into the world once we graduate. Come join us at USC, and be part of our family.

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