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Surviving your first year at Price

Posted on by Hoang Vi Ho

Are you nervous to start your first year of graduate school? Don’t worry, I survived and so can you!

Planning out your coursework can become somewhat tedious, but you should really take the time to organize your next few semesters. I used resources such as my program coordinator, past alumni, and second year students to seek their advice on what classes to take and what professors to meet. In reality, the few years go by very quickly, so make sure you are taking classes on topics you want to learn about. The best thing about graduate school is taking classes you care about and you are interested in.

Being able to balance your work/student life is important. Take the time to get involved in student organizations, Price’s Ambassador Program, or interning or working around Los Angeles. Attending meetings and student organization mixers after class is a fun way to meet other students. You will be able to learn from each other and engage in meaningful networking you could maintain even after graduation. Getting involved with the ambassador program, I was able to work at some great events, meet diverse staff and faculty, provide campus tours, and meet other student ambassadors! This is a great way to give back to Price and meet future prospective students.

Aside from getting involved with organizations and studying for your classes, I recommend interning or working. Not only will you get “real life” experience, you can also get school credit. By interning locally or nationally you could also have more accessibility to job opportunities in the future while at the same time building connections at school. Throughout the year, you will definitely need to make some time for extracurricular activities. Don’t stress yourself out too much and make time to build those relationships outside the classroom. These folks will be the future colleagues and friends you will confide in for the rest of your career.

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