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I Survived!: Recap of My First Semester at Price – By Olivia Joncich, MPL ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Despite what many of my friends from my time as an undergraduate at UCLA have dubbed “crossing over to the dark side,” attending USC for graduate school is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. In just one semester, I’ve met some of the kindest, most amazing people I could imagine, started an internship that has already proven to be incredibly valuable, and completely altered and inspired my perspective on urban planning. Any and all apprehension I once had regarding my decision to come to Price to complete my Master of Planning degree has been entirely replaced by pride in my school and optimism for what is to come……

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Why I Love Los Angeles – by Chris Purcell, MPL ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Because Los Angeles is such a large city, it has the ability to offer endless opportunities and experiences for its residents and visitors alike. From its sunny beaches to its world-class museums and art galleries, there is always something new to see and do! I’ve since come to discover a few unique characteristics about LA that I love, which have made me realize that I never want to leave this city….

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Last semester at USC Sol Price!

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

I was lucky to attend the Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy leadership forum entitled Philanthropy: Imagination, Innovation, and Impact. An incredible panelist began his account with the phrase: “All stories have one of two plots: 1) someone goes on a journey or 2) a stranger comes to town.”

Those words remain with me as graduation approaches. I’m in my last semester at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Soon, we will be embarking on our new journeys. Or, soon, we may be the strangers that are moving to new towns, starting new jobs. Continue reading

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Reflection: One Year Later

Posted on by Lisa Goldstein

In a matter of a summer, I transitioned from being a freshman to a senior MPP student. Although much of my fear of performing well in the program has dissipated with my success, I am anxious for the last semester to begin. Have I acquired the skills necessary to become a competitive job applicant? Continue reading

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Applying to Price

Posted on by bcosta

Lots of questions filled my head when applying to graduate school. MHA, MPH, or MBA with a focus in health care? Stay in California or apply out-of-state? Attend a private or public university? After researching many different options, USC’s Price School of Public Policy stood out as my first choice school. Continue reading

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Reconnecting with Finals

Posted on by mgrodsky

The weather has gotten cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s been a nice break from our unusually warm summer, but that also means that classes are ending and it’s time for final exams. Continue reading

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First year over…now what?

Posted on by Michael Van Gorder

The first year of the MHA program is over for me and now I am thinking…what next? Well, I already sort of know: keep working hard and get more healthcare experience! I have followed the suggested course sequencing for the … Continue reading

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As The Semester Ends

Posted on by Joanna Chan

Final exams and presentations are all that remain of my semester. For me, it is one of the more stressful times of the semester. And here are my remedies…
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