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USC DC Health Policy Forum – By Vivek Patel, MHA ’16

Posted on by Derek Robinson

At the beginning of February, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to learn more about health policy for the upcoming year. First of its kind, the USC DC Health Policy Forum was initiated to expand students’ knowledge of health policy making (or lack thereof, given the current political environment) and to appreciate the intricacies—trade groups, academics, congressional committees, executive branch, etc—of passing health reform. While the forum was primarily targeted to EMHAs and alumni, being the one of two current MHA students did not hold me back.

The day and a half seminar was filled with diverse, experienced speakers. Some of the institutions represented were the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Academy of Medicine, Federation of American Hospitals, and the American Medical Association, among others….

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Alternative Winter Break- India – by Fiahna Cabana, MPA ‘17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

In between balancing two-part time jobs, getting involved in student organizations, and of course, football season—my first semester of grad school was more than I had bargained for. But nonetheless, the best decision I’ve made at this point in my career.

Prior coming into grad school I was concerned with not only how will I get involved at the Price School, but how can I also participate in the greater USC community. This led me to an opportunity through the Alternative Break (AB) program at the Center for Service Programs (under Campus Activities). This is a unique opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to engage in service learning and volunteerism in communities outside of the Los Angeles area…..

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Why I Love Los Angeles – by Chris Purcell, MPL ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Because Los Angeles is such a large city, it has the ability to offer endless opportunities and experiences for its residents and visitors alike. From its sunny beaches to its world-class museums and art galleries, there is always something new to see and do! I’ve since come to discover a few unique characteristics about LA that I love, which have made me realize that I never want to leave this city….

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Brasil! – by Avery Seretan, MPP ’16

Posted on by Sarah Esquivel

As a rising second year enrolled in the Price School of Public Policy, I was lucky enough to attend the Brazil International Lab this summer. I worked with eight other Price students during the spring semester to prepare for the lab, as we researched drought and water policies in various countries around the world, focusing on the California case specifically.

During the trip in Brazil, we met with important leaders at the State level in Rio de Janeiro and toured the city learning about water filtration and the need for industrial water reuse… Continue reading

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Networking at Price – by Rhea Mac, MPP ’16

Posted on by Sarah Esquivel

I have an eternal love affair with my beautiful city of Los Angeles and the various gems it bestows upon me. Amongst the most beautiful of these gems is the Univeristy of Southern California and one of its schools that I call home – The Sol Price School of Public Policy (affectionately referred to as Price). I can’t say enough about why I love Price… Continue reading

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Before Going to Graduate School, Perspective of a MHA Student

Posted on by jenniftw

If you are thinking about going to graduate school, I highly recommend taking some time to work in the industry that you expect to study in.  For example, I have worked in the healthcare and hospital field before I was … Continue reading

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Guardian Awards

Posted on by yernazia

I was lucky enough to attend the Price Guardian Awards Gala on September 26th. What an affair! Held at the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel, guests were treated to a multi-course meal, musical performances, amazing networking, and the celebration of alumni. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Internships

Posted on by Bryan Banisaba

An internship is a great tool to get acquainted with an industry, an organization, a profession, and a whole new network of professionals. For the Master of Health Administration program, it is almost mandatory to gain insight into a vast healthcare industry because the 1000 hour residency is a required component of the program. If you are new to healthcare, the USC MHA program provides a path into the industry with a vast network to various organizations. This is one of the greatest benefits of being a USC Trojan. Continue reading

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Last semester at USC Sol Price!

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

I was lucky to attend the Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy leadership forum entitled Philanthropy: Imagination, Innovation, and Impact. An incredible panelist began his account with the phrase: “All stories have one of two plots: 1) someone goes on a journey or 2) a stranger comes to town.”

Those words remain with me as graduation approaches. I’m in my last semester at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Soon, we will be embarking on our new journeys. Or, soon, we may be the strangers that are moving to new towns, starting new jobs. Continue reading

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Featured Alum: John Roberson III, MPP ’12

Posted on by lquinto

Excelsior is a Latin word that means “ever upward.” Since my completion of the Master of Public Policy program at the Price School, this term has become a recurring and almost central theme in my life. From the valuable relationships and bonds forged, to the rich externship and internship experiences; Price continues to elevate my thinking and challenges me personally to create innovative solutions to complex societal issues. Continue reading

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