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Trojan Family

Posted on by DeNeisha Calvert

When talking about USC, you hear a lot about the “Trojan Network” or the more welcoming sounding (or more intimidating/Sopranos sounding) “Trojan Family.” I am sure other students have mentioned the Trojan Family in their blog posts as well – … Continue reading

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Posted on by Kimberly Bailey

One of the benefits to being at SPPD is being in Los Angeles. LA is a vital hub of activity for any field and this holds true for nonprofits. An emerging theme in working with nonprofits, or at least what we could call a “hot button” topic of discussion, is the idea of bringing more business/private sector practices into the nonprofit world. Leading the way in making some of these changes are the Annenberg Alchemy and Social Venture Partners or SVP ( who run a yearly fast-pitch workshop and competition for non-profits called Peer-to-Peer (

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Board Fellows Program

Posted on by Alex Chan

Of the many opportunities to become involved in organizations outside of the classroom, the Board Fellows Program is unique in its placement of graduate students on the boards of local and national non-profit organizations. Students work on a variety of projects for a non-profit board over the course of year at the direction of the organization’s board and/or executive director. The wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills gained in the process of participating in the program is valuable to all students, regardless of one’s academic or professional interest.

As part of this program, I have recently been selected to serve on the board of City Hall Fellows, a non-profit organization that provides fellowships to recent college graduates interested in working in local governmental agencies.
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The Heart of SPPD

Posted on by Carly Debeikes

One of the unique qualities SPPD holds over any other school at USC is their hard-working and genuinely caring staff. Being my 4th and final year of studying Public Policy as an undergrad, I have been privileged enough to get … Continue reading

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This Time Next Year….

Posted on by Buffany N. Hunter

It’s funny, around this time last year I was putting the finishing touches on my SPPD application, harassing my letter writers and taking the GRE. A friend and I prepared for grad school together and when one of us would just feel overwhelmed the other would reply “don’t worry this time next year we will be worried about papers, presentations and midterms.” Oh, how life can change within a year! Now, that I’m a full time student and work full time, it’s not any less crazy, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.
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The Most Amazing Summer

Posted on by Wei Zhao

I have always been a big fan of travelling. To me, travelling broadens the mind, and helps us forget or care less about things that do not matter. One of the greatest things of being part of SPPD is that, it provides you with so many great opportunities and reasons to travel.

As part of my summer class – PPD 613-International Laboratory-Brazil – we took a trip to Rio de Janeiro. It was an absolutely wonderful trip and rewarding experience. As a class, not only did we go to those grand Olympic and World Cup venues for our projects, but also we took the train up to be embraced by Christ the Redeemer—landmark of Rio; we got sand between our toes on the world-famous Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach; we tried Brazilian BBQ and acai when touring around the European-style downtown area of the great city.
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Ladies’ Night

Posted on by Jessica Papia

Last night, I wasn’t working on my Practicum project. I wasn’t reading the latest peer-reviewed journal article about the Achievement Gap. And I definitely wasn’t downloading Census data for a multivariate statistical regression.


Instead, I was at the Perch in downtown Los Angeles with some of the incredible women of SPPD. Our organization, Women Leading Policy, Planning, and Development (quite a name, I know), was hosting Ladies’ Night. This was a chance for us to relax and have fun, talking with one another about things beyond benefit-cost analysis or stakeholder matrices.

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The MPA Capstone

Posted on by Zi Wang

How time flies! It’s still a little hard for me to realize that I have been a Trojan for nearly a year and a half! This semester I am taking the Professional Practice of Public Administration (PPD 546) instructed by Professor Donald … Continue reading

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SPPD: The Applied Curriculum

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

I can’t believe my first semester at USC is coming to an end! This is the time to study for finals, submit term papers, and finish up group projects before heading home for the holidays. My most interesting—and challenging—group project … Continue reading

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One of My Favorite Things About the MHA Program

Posted on by Hilary Stein

As an undergraduate at UC Davis, I had a solid group of friends, but very few of them had the same major and were consistently in the same classes as me. There were definitely the people I saw over and … Continue reading

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