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Applying to Price

Posted on by bcosta

Lots of questions filled my head when applying to graduate school. MHA, MPH, or MBA with a focus in health care? Stay in California or apply out-of-state? Attend a private or public university? After researching many different options, USC’s Price School of Public Policy stood out as my first choice school. Continue reading

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Diving into the experience of a senior at Price

Posted on by jenniftw

USC Price School of Public Policy has continued to give me a richer, more fulfilling experience every year. As a senior, it is so exciting to get to dive into my core health policy and management courses as I progress through my final undergraduate semesters here at USC. Continue reading

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Reconnecting with Finals

Posted on by mgrodsky

The weather has gotten cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s been a nice break from our unusually warm summer, but that also means that classes are ending and it’s time for final exams. Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons I Heart USC Price

Posted on by Courtney Oustad

Its been about three months since I moved to LA and started my life as a Price MPL student. There are probably 117 reasons why I love the school, program and life in LA, but who has time to read 117 reasons? SO, I will resist my urge give you an exhaustive list and give you my top 3 reasons for why I heart USC Price. Continue reading

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