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USC Schwarzenegger Institute Inaugural Symposium

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

As a student ambassador, I had the pleasure to attend the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy Inaugural Symposium (and to escort the political figures that attended the event around campus). No matter your political affiliation, it was amazing to see Senator McCain take photos with the ROTC or to have a conversation with Katherine Whelan or Governor Tom Ridge. Continue reading

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Here it is, the last semester ever

Posted on by Dafne Gokcen

After almost an entire lifetime of being in school, I’ve finally reached the very last semester of school ever. (Well, I suppose I may go back to school at some point in the future. But for the foreseeable future, this is it. The end!) Continue reading

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Taking Advantage of the USC Price Experience

Posted on by mgrodsky

Both as a perspective student and during the new student orientation, everyone told us to take advantage of the USC experience. Having been in school for over two months, I have realized that everyone has interpreted this advice in his or her own way and at the same time, everyone is enjoying his or her experience! Continue reading

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Reflection: One Year Later

Posted on by Lisa Goldstein

In a matter of a summer, I transitioned from being a freshman to a senior MPP student. Although much of my fear of performing well in the program has dissipated with my success, I am anxious for the last semester to begin. Have I acquired the skills necessary to become a competitive job applicant? Continue reading

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The Force of the Trojan Spirit

Posted on by howardsl

Comprehensive Strategic Planning with Dr. Culley has been my top classroom experience at the University of Southern California. My overall educational experience here at the university has been holistic and challenged me to even higher heights. Continue reading

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Utilizing LA as your classroom & Interning in Washington, D.C.

Posted on by coreycha

Welcome to USC and the Sol Price School for Public Policy. As a junior looking back on my three semesters in the school I can safely say transferring into Price was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It wasn’t until taking introductory lower level courses (especially 245 The Urban Context of Planning with Professor Banerjee) that I realized what Price had to offer: a curriculum that was as unique as the city of Los Angeles and myself. Today, I’ve dived into an interdisciplinary education learning about public policy, theories of urban planning, and the value of place-making as an extension of civic society. Continue reading

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