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USC Schwarzenegger Institute Inaugural Symposium

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

As a student ambassador, I had the pleasure to attend the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy Inaugural Symposium (and to escort the political figures that attended the event around campus). No matter your political affiliation, it was amazing to see Senator McCain take photos with the ROTC or to have a conversation with Katherine Whelan or Governor Tom Ridge.

The event had so many highlights I can discuss here, but my key take-away was the attendees’ discussion at the event’s morning panel (moderated by the amazing Cokie Roberts) of post-partisanship. The parties have become divided to the extent that two senators from the same state can’t even play sports together without public outcry if they belong to two different political parties—and that is just plain wrong.

Attending the event really helped me see the extent of this partisan divide—and I hope that those who attended the event were as inspired to act towards unity as I have been. This will be made possible through the Schwarzenegger Institute—I look forward to the impact it will have on the leaders of tomorrow.

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