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What would you like to have known about USC Price before starting your program?

Posted on by yernazia

Summer flies by too quickly!  Next thing you know … school is creeping up on us!  As a recent graduate from USC’s Price Undergraduate program, I felt like this summer wasn’t long enough for me!  Then, graduate school flashes before … Continue reading

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Don’t Rule Out Social Opportunities

Posted on by mgrodsky

I did a lot of research before deciding to come to USC Price so there wasn’t much that surprised me about the program once I arrived. I knew I wanted a hands-on program and that I was going to get … Continue reading

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Surviving your first year at Price

Posted on by Hoang Vi Ho

Are you nervous to start your first year of graduate school? Don’t worry, I survived and so can you! Planning out your coursework can become somewhat tedious, but you should really take the time to organize your next few semesters. I … Continue reading

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