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My Decision to Attend USC and Price School – by Alvin Neo, BS RED ’19

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Now is the time of year that college decisions are being released and prospective high school seniors are contemplating and debating their choices. Choosing the right college will be a huge struggle in the coming weeks as the May 1st deadline slowly creeps up and up. I would like to just give a perspective on my decision on why I chose USC and the Price School as I applied and debated my decisions.

I was ecstatic when I received my USC acceptance letter electronically. Though USC will send out a paper copy to your mailing address, at the time, I was in transit in Hong Kong on my way to Malaysia. I screamed and cheered in the bustling airport, repeatedly telling my parents that I have been accepted to USC. At the time, I never really figured out why I was so ecstatic. Sure, I supported USC football for the past 10 years but that was it in terms of my involvement and support for USC. It seemed like I had an innate desire, appreciation for USC and after 2 months here at USC, I have already been calling USC “home.” Now, I will be sidetracking if I started talking about all the excitement and opportunities that I have had at USC and instead will leave that story for a post later this week.

Back to the meat and grit, I had multiple offers and acceptances from all over the country from Washington University in St. Louis, Boston College, Purdue University, multiple UC locations, and much more. I originally applied as a Policy, Planning, and Development Major and switched to Real Estate Development Major once it was introduced. What drew me to this major and this school was the fact that USC took the initiative to make me feel welcome and by offering majors that would be instrumental in professional development. Many of the other schools that I was admitted into offered only general majors and no major tailored to the field of urban development. If I were to go to the other universities, I would have to compensate my interest in urban development by taking general majors such as Economics or Business Administration. However, USC offered various professional majors that are curtailed to set you up for a future career with a solid foundation and understanding of the field.

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Alvin at the 2016 American Planning Association Downtown LA Walking Tour

Also, the various events that USC offered after being admitted were astounding. What really set USC apart from the other colleges was Admitted Student Day, a day-long event hosted by the university to allow students to talk with faculty members, explore the campus, talk with financial aid officers, and much more. Not only that, Price School took it one step further by catering a very delicious and appealing meal for the admitted students while giving students an opportunity to directly interact with the dean and other administrators on a one-to-one basis. In totality, this event exhibited how USC will do its best to welcome you and show that the school has your best interest at heart. You aren’t just a cog in the machine but a living human being that has the potential to succeed and achieve once fleeting dreams. This event really highlighted how Price School, and the university as a whole, will do its best to support a student’s academic and professional development through personalized care and attention.

The individual support, recognition, and focus that the University displayed in the various events and mailers highlighted the potential and growth that I could attain if I made the decision to attend this University. These were the motivating factors that pushed me to accept my admission to attend USC and I have since not looked back at my decision.

Fight On!

Alvin Neo, BS RED ’19

Neo Alvin

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