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Tips for Undergraduate Applicants – by Kylie Sedgwick PPD ’18

Posted on by Derek Robinson

There’s nothing quite like the flurry of activity that comes at the height of college application season. You’re probably booked solid with school, extracurriculars, personal life, and on top of that trying to make really big decisions about where you want your education to go from here. It’s a stressful time that comes with a lot of personal growth and introspection.

Now, I am by no means an admission counselor or academic advisor, but I do care about you and your well being throughout this lengthy process. I hope these tips help ease your worries and power you through the application process.You probably know all the basic tips for applications, so this is a slightly different approach. Below is a list of tips that I believe will not only help your application, but will help you feel better about the process overall.

1. Be Yourself – in your essays, you really want to try and find your voice and be true to your own story…..

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PTTOW New York- My Experience – By Sean Navi PPD ’16

Posted on by Derek Robinson

I rarely write anything on Facebook, but thought this would be a great way to share my story and vision with as many people as I possibly can. After my time in New York and PTTOW’s most recent event, I realized we all need to give back more than we currently are to the world we live and breath in. To everyone in my generation, us millennials, we are the key to making a better world for our generation, past generations, and future generations. A lot of us are truly blessed and lucky to have the comfortable lives we have, but rarely do we think and consider about how to help others in need.

As we grow and begin to solidify our future not only in the work force but as human beings, we should all find ways in developing a better world as a whole. Everyone is different, not everyone agrees with one another, and that is fine, we are human. But something we all have is a heart. Love. Love is a big word, what does love mean?…

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