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PTTOW New York- My Experience – By Sean Navi PPD ’16

Posted on by Derek Robinson

I rarely write anything on Facebook, but thought this would be a great way to share my story and vision with as many people as I possibly can. After my time in New York and PTTOW’s most recent event, I realized we all need to give back more than we currently are to the world we live and breath in. To everyone in my generation, us millennials, we are the key to making a better world for our generation, past generations, and future generations. A lot of us are truly blessed and lucky to have the comfortable lives we have, but rarely do we think and consider about how to help others in need.

As we grow and begin to solidify our future not only in the work force but as human beings, we should all find ways in developing a better world as a whole. Everyone is different, not everyone agrees with one another, and that is fine, we are human. But something we all have is a heart. Love. Love is a big word, what does love mean?…

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Football Season! – by Katie Bradley, BS PPD ’18

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Win or lose, football is always a highlight of my fall semester. There are many different opportunities for students to get involved in game day, whether it be tailgating, sitting in the student section, traveling to away games, or watching from the field. Here is a look at some of my highlights of the 2015 football season.

Season Opener: Arkansas State and Idaho

There is no better way to start off football season than with three consecutive home games, which is exactly how the 2015 season started at USC. For these games I was a member of Traveler Crew, the group that clears the field for our beloved mascot Traveler to run after every touchdown run. This gave me an all access field pass and an incredible perspective on USC football. I watched the players run through the tunnel at the start of the game, and I watched beloved defensive back, Su’a Cravens, catch an interception 5 feet away from me… Continue reading

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Tips for New Undergrads – by Yana Tonezer, BS PPD ’18

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Being a first year undergrad student is the most overwhelming, yet exciting time of your life. Campus is always buzzing with fun events, whether it is a career fair, a football game, or anything else. During my freshman year, adjusting to such a lively campus was challenging, but also an unforgettable experience. Three important pieces of advice I learned along the way really helped me have an incredible first year at USC:

1. Try new things!….. Continue reading

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10 Tips From the Admissions Office For the Application Deadline

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Depending on where you are in your life (current student, working professional, career change), applying to graduate school can be a daunting process: everything from preparing for the GRE, to catering your statement of purpose to your program of interest and obtaining strong letters of recommendation. There are many ways to approach the application process and convey that you are the good fit for the program.

Below are 10 effective tips for submitting a strong application to the USC Price School…
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Why I Chose Price – by Arye Abraham, BS PPD ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Born and raised in the vibrant and dynamic city of Los Angeles, I found myself constantly eyeing the notion of attending USC for my undergraduate education. USC was always THAT school to me; it had the glamour, the allure and that special mystique. It had the storied powerhouse football team, along with the exemplary one of a kind academic programs and the sought-after private education that caters to each and every students needs.

At the young age of eight in January of 2006, I was in attendance at the USC vs. Texas national championship game where Vince Young crushed every Trojan’s heart across the nation after the sideline scramble which lead to a rushing touchdown that ended up deciding the game. That experience only motivated me more so to become a USC Trojan and represent the university in the absolute finest manner… Continue reading

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What I Love About Los Angeles – by Taara Prasad, BS PPD ’17

Posted on by tekurio

I grew up mostly in Northern California, so I didn’t think moving to Southern California for school would be much of a culture shock. But, much to my surprise, I was in for a change. The weather is much warmer here. The industry plays an enormous role in this city. And Los Angeles is much more spread out than San Francisco.

My first semester freshman year, I was hesitant as any college freshman would be. Being a fan of cooler weather, not having much interaction with the theater program, and not having a car, I was definitely nervous before coming to school. But from the point I stepped onto campus during move-in day, and until now, my sophomore year, I have found that Los Angeles has so many opportunities here that make it the perfect place to go to school!…
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