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My Graduate Student Life at Price – by Kuaikuai Wei, MPA ’16

Posted on by Derek Robinson

When I first came to US last year, everything was new and fresh to me. I was very nervous about my life at USC. Could I get along well with my new friends? Could I adapt quickly to American higher education? One of my American friends told me, “just be brave and take opportunities. You’ll be fine.” Throughout my first year in USC I kept thinking positively and tried new things to learn about myself and explore US. I value my experience here and want to share it with prospective graduate students….

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The Importance of Internships

Posted on by Bryan Banisaba

An internship is a great tool to get acquainted with an industry, an organization, a profession, and a whole new network of professionals. For the Master of Health Administration program, it is almost mandatory to gain insight into a vast healthcare industry because the 1000 hour residency is a required component of the program. If you are new to healthcare, the USC MHA program provides a path into the industry with a vast network to various organizations. This is one of the greatest benefits of being a USC Trojan. Continue reading

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Education in the Real World: Internships!

Posted on by Taylor Wolfson

Last week I began one of the most educational and exciting experiences I will have while a student at USC: an internship as an education policy intern at Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office. Because I am extremely interested in both education reform and possibly working in government one day, this is as good as it gets. Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons I Heart USC Price

Posted on by Courtney Oustad

Its been about three months since I moved to LA and started my life as a Price MPL student. There are probably 117 reasons why I love the school, program and life in LA, but who has time to read 117 reasons? SO, I will resist my urge give you an exhaustive list and give you my top 3 reasons for why I heart USC Price. Continue reading

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The Heart of SPPD

Posted on by Carly Debeikes

One of the unique qualities SPPD holds over any other school at USC is their hard-working and genuinely caring staff. Being my 4th and final year of studying Public Policy as an undergrad, I have been privileged enough to get … Continue reading

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First Semester

Posted on by Cynthia Ear

Before starting the Master of Public Administration program in August, I must admit I was quite skeptical about all the great things I’ve heard–from the infamous “Trojan Network” to the awesome opportunities.  Let me first clarify and say that they … Continue reading

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