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My Decision to Attend USC and Price School – by Alvin Neo, BS RED ’19

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Now is the time of year that college decisions are being released and prospective high school seniors are contemplating and debating their choices. Choosing the right college will be a huge struggle in the coming weeks as the May 1st deadline slowly creeps up and up. I would like to just give a perspective on my decision on why I chose USC and the Price School as I applied and debated my decisions.

I was ecstatic when I received my USC acceptance letter electronically. Though USC will send out a paper copy to your mailing address, at the time, I was in transit in Hong Kong on my way to Malaysia. I screamed and cheered in the bustling airport, repeatedly telling my parents that I have been accepted to USC. At the time, I never really figured out why I was so ecstatic. Sure, I supported USC football for the past 10 years but that was it in terms of my involvement and support for USC. It seemed like I had an innate desire, appreciation for USC and after 2 months here at USC, I have already been calling USC “home.” Now, I will be sidetracking if I started talking about all the excitement and opportunities that I have had at USC and instead will leave that story for a post later this week…..

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I Survived!: Recap of My First Semester at Price – By Olivia Joncich, MPL ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Despite what many of my friends from my time as an undergraduate at UCLA have dubbed “crossing over to the dark side,” attending USC for graduate school is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. In just one semester, I’ve met some of the kindest, most amazing people I could imagine, started an internship that has already proven to be incredibly valuable, and completely altered and inspired my perspective on urban planning. Any and all apprehension I once had regarding my decision to come to Price to complete my Master of Planning degree has been entirely replaced by pride in my school and optimism for what is to come……

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My Graduate Student Life at Price – by Kuaikuai Wei, MPA ’16

Posted on by Derek Robinson

When I first came to US last year, everything was new and fresh to me. I was very nervous about my life at USC. Could I get along well with my new friends? Could I adapt quickly to American higher education? One of my American friends told me, “just be brave and take opportunities. You’ll be fine.” Throughout my first year in USC I kept thinking positively and tried new things to learn about myself and explore US. I value my experience here and want to share it with prospective graduate students….

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Student Spotlight: Mario Enriquez, MPA ’16

Posted on by tekurio

As I am about to finish my first semester at USC, I am thankful for what I have learned so far in the MPA program. My future goals and career aspirations are to lead a nonprofit organization that advocates for underserved communities, as well as run for elected office in Northern California.

Being at USC Price, I am first able to strengthen my knowledge of public administration in the classroom with two core classes: Public Administration; Society and Human Behavior in Public Organizations…. Continue reading

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Surviving your first year at Price

Posted on by Hoang Vi Ho

Are you nervous to start your first year of graduate school? Don’t worry, I survived and so can you! Planning out your coursework can become somewhat tedious, but you should really take the time to organize your next few semesters. I … Continue reading

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USC Life

Posted on by lquinto

In January 2012, when I was preparing to apply for graduate school, I asked my professor for a letter of recommendation to his Alma Mater, USC. His response wasn’t a straightforward yes but rather a statement. This degree will enable you to do virtually anything in healthcare as long as you work hard and make it your life. Are you willing to do that? Continue reading

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Making the most of your MPL degree

Posted on by Dafne Gokcen

There are lots of things an MPL student can do to make the most of their degree – get a valuable internship, attend free public lectures, work with professors, etc. But one of the most valuable and, I think, most under-appreciated things a student can do is to take classes from a broad range of topics within planning. Continue reading

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Intensive Classes

Posted on by kjgroves

I walked into Professor Bill Kelly’s class the first Saturday dreading what I thought would feel like a really long day. That wasn’t the case at all. There were a range of different engaging teaching methods that were used to keep the class interested in the class material. Continue reading

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Here it is, the last semester ever

Posted on by Dafne Gokcen

After almost an entire lifetime of being in school, I’ve finally reached the very last semester of school ever. (Well, I suppose I may go back to school at some point in the future. But for the foreseeable future, this is it. The end!) Continue reading

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The Force of the Trojan Spirit

Posted on by howardsl

Comprehensive Strategic Planning with Dr. Culley has been my top classroom experience at the University of Southern California. My overall educational experience here at the university has been holistic and challenged me to even higher heights. Continue reading

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