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I Survived!: Recap of My First Semester at Price – By Olivia Joncich, MPL ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

Despite what many of my friends from my time as an undergraduate at UCLA have dubbed “crossing over to the dark side,” attending USC for graduate school is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. In just one semester, I’ve met some of the kindest, most amazing people I could imagine, started an internship that has already proven to be incredibly valuable, and completely altered and inspired my perspective on urban planning. Any and all apprehension I once had regarding my decision to come to Price to complete my Master of Planning degree has been entirely replaced by pride in my school and optimism for what is to come……

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What would you like to have known about USC Price before starting your program?

Posted on by yernazia

Summer flies by too quickly!  Next thing you know … school is creeping up on us!  As a recent graduate from USC’s Price Undergraduate program, I felt like this summer wasn’t long enough for me!  Then, graduate school flashes before … Continue reading

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Surviving your first year at Price

Posted on by Hoang Vi Ho

Are you nervous to start your first year of graduate school? Don’t worry, I survived and so can you! Planning out your coursework can become somewhat tedious, but you should really take the time to organize your next few semesters. I … Continue reading

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Last semester at USC Sol Price!

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

I was lucky to attend the Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy leadership forum entitled Philanthropy: Imagination, Innovation, and Impact. An incredible panelist began his account with the phrase: “All stories have one of two plots: 1) someone goes on a journey or 2) a stranger comes to town.”

Those words remain with me as graduation approaches. I’m in my last semester at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Soon, we will be embarking on our new journeys. Or, soon, we may be the strangers that are moving to new towns, starting new jobs. Continue reading

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The Trojan Family In Action

Posted on by Bryan Banisaba

The USC Price MHA experience can be overwhelming to a first year student because of the many opportunities and events available. This is, however, a good thing. The Price Career Office and Student Health Council work tirelessly to provide Price students many opportunities to network and acquire valuable career related knowledge. Take advantage of these! In October, the chance to be assigned a second year student as a mentor presented itself. I seized this opportunity, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Continue reading

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Life as a PPD ambassador

Posted on by eboone

There is never a dull moment in the USC Price School of Public Policy! In the last week alone there have been multiple functions available for USC Price students to partake in. Whether it is learning about some area in Los Angeles impacted by policy or being offered opportunities to network with others for potential future jobs an internships, there is no doubt that Price provides! Continue reading

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GPAC Takes on VEGAS!

Posted on by Anya Essiounina

The Price School has an incredible student organization called GPAC: The Graduate Policy Administration Community ( GPAC works together with the Price School to put on amazing events, such as nonprofit and local government case challenges, professionalism workshops, and networking happy hours. GPAC also plans the annual trip to Las Vegas. GPAC’s Social Committee rents buses, gets us rooms, and maps out entertainment. They did a grrrrreat job! Continue reading

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Reconnecting with Finals

Posted on by mgrodsky

The weather has gotten cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s been a nice break from our unusually warm summer, but that also means that classes are ending and it’s time for final exams. Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons I Heart USC Price

Posted on by Courtney Oustad

Its been about three months since I moved to LA and started my life as a Price MPL student. There are probably 117 reasons why I love the school, program and life in LA, but who has time to read 117 reasons? SO, I will resist my urge give you an exhaustive list and give you my top 3 reasons for why I heart USC Price. Continue reading

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Student Orgs and APIC

Posted on by lquinto

As one of those students who is also working full-time (you can tell by the slightly crazed look in our eyes), I haven’t been able to take advantage of as many outside-the-classroom opportunities as I would like, which other students give such wonderful snapshots of on this blog: domestic and international internships, alternative spring breaks, research, and an overwhelming amount of intellectually and creatively stimulating lectures and events. There is one thing that I have managed to squeeze in, though, and I am so grateful that I have: student organizations.
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