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What Can You Do With An MPP? – by Rachel Huguet, MPP ’17

Posted on by Derek Robinson

One semester into my Master of Public Policy at USC and I’ve become accustomed to the question: “But what are you going to do with an MPP?” The confusion is understandable – unlike someone studying engineering or physical therapy, I’m not going to be a public policy.

Personally, I chose MPP because I am interested in using the quantitative skills gained through my courses in statistics and economics to evaluate new, innovative solutions to social problems. I’ll most likely find myself working at a nonprofit or foundation, helping them strategically invest their limited resources. I plan to get a certificate from the highly ranked Marshall School of Business, at no extra cost to me, to further round out my resume….

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Networking at Price – by Rhea Mac, MPP ’16

Posted on by Sarah Esquivel

I have an eternal love affair with my beautiful city of Los Angeles and the various gems it bestows upon me. Amongst the most beautiful of these gems is the Univeristy of Southern California and one of its schools that I call home – The Sol Price School of Public Policy (affectionately referred to as Price). I can’t say enough about why I love Price… Continue reading

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Summer Internship in San Mateo – by Corey Chang, MPL ’15

Posted on by tekurio

As an MPL who’s interested in economic development both as an academic study and real-world application, this past summer was an ideal situation to synthesize my coursework into an internship opportunity. This past summer I interned at the City of San Mateo’s Economic Development Department… Continue reading

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My experience with the Education Pioneers Fellowship

Posted on by tekurio

Rebecca Velasco, MPP ’15 This summer I had the privilege of participating in the Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellowship program in Los Angeles. EP is an organization focused on “transforming education into the best-led and managed sector in the U.S.” so … Continue reading

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Gaining valuable experience halfway around the world

Posted on by tekurio

Patrick Martinez, MPL ’15 1. What is your current internship? This summer I had an opportunity to intern for the China academy of urban planning and design in Beijing China. “The China Academy of Urban Planning and Design is positioned … Continue reading

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Before Going to Graduate School, Perspective of a MHA Student

Posted on by jenniftw

If you are thinking about going to graduate school, I highly recommend taking some time to work in the industry that you expect to study in.  For example, I have worked in the healthcare and hospital field before I was … Continue reading

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What would you like to have known about USC Price before starting your program?

Posted on by yernazia

Summer flies by too quickly!  Next thing you know … school is creeping up on us!  As a recent graduate from USC’s Price Undergraduate program, I felt like this summer wasn’t long enough for me!  Then, graduate school flashes before … Continue reading

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Surviving your first year at Price

Posted on by Hoang Vi Ho

Are you nervous to start your first year of graduate school? Don’t worry, I survived and so can you! Planning out your coursework can become somewhat tedious, but you should really take the time to organize your next few semesters. I … Continue reading

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The Importance of Internships

Posted on by Bryan Banisaba

An internship is a great tool to get acquainted with an industry, an organization, a profession, and a whole new network of professionals. For the Master of Health Administration program, it is almost mandatory to gain insight into a vast healthcare industry because the 1000 hour residency is a required component of the program. If you are new to healthcare, the USC MHA program provides a path into the industry with a vast network to various organizations. This is one of the greatest benefits of being a USC Trojan. Continue reading

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Featured Alum: John Roberson III, MPP ’12

Posted on by lquinto

Excelsior is a Latin word that means “ever upward.” Since my completion of the Master of Public Policy program at the Price School, this term has become a recurring and almost central theme in my life. From the valuable relationships and bonds forged, to the rich externship and internship experiences; Price continues to elevate my thinking and challenges me personally to create innovative solutions to complex societal issues. Continue reading

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